What Is Contemporary Kitchen Design?

With a focus on function over form, contemporary kitchen designs have sleek layouts, clean lines, and geometric shapes. To ensure that your kitchen achieves an attractive contemporary look without sacrificing convenience and practicality, the kitchen remodeling experts at Raleigh Kitchens suggest keeping four major design elements in mind.

1. Full Overlay Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets help define the overall style of the space. Since the goal is to establish a sleek look, full overlay cabinets are the best choice because they hide the door frame, thus making the cabinet appear flush and seamless to the wall. Hardware should be kept to a minimum. Unlike traditional kitchen design, which typically features elaborate design elements, contemporary kitchens are all about minimalism and clean lines.

2. Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines define the contemporary kitchen and establish linear congruence. You can establish this through key components such as the cabinets and counters, the flooring, and the backsplash. Selecting the right outline of tile accents is also a great way to establish horizontal lines.

3. Geometric Shapes

This is the simplest design element to establish. Geometric shapes can be found in a range of hardware, lighting and wall decor options. The overall contemporary shapes to feature are squares and rectangles, which reinforce the sleek look of the space. Circles and curves can be placed strategically on things like kitchen chairs and pendant lighting.

4. Simple Hardware

Finally, the hardware must be clean and simple. Avoid ornate-looking hardware, which will interfere with the minimalist look of a contemporary kitchen.

What Would Your Kitchen Remodel Look Like?

If you know that your design style is contemporary, then you probably already have some ideas floating around in your head about how your new space will look. We’d love to hear about them and guide you on your journey to the kitchen of your dreams. To best serve our clients, we have a design studio with a showroom, as well as technology that allows you to see layouts and products using virtual reality.

We are contemporary kitchen design experts serving homeowners throughout the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill areas. If you’re not sure that you’d want a contemporary kitchen, we do have other design styles on display to help you choose what best fits your lifestyle and personal taste.

When you’re ready to discuss your plans for a kitchen remodel, Durham, NC is where our showroom is located. We’d love the opportunity to review your goals with you and provide real-life examples of contemporary kitchen design, among others. Call Raleigh Kitchens today to learn more about our services and kitchen design process. Also have a look at our contemporary kitchen design photo gallery.


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