Transitional kitchen styles continue to increase in popularity throughout the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area. A transitional kitchen incorporates some elements of modern kitchens and some elements of traditional kitchens. It is not one or the other, but rather a blend of many design elements to create a unique and timeless look.

The entire kitchen does not have to be transitional; instead, many homeowners opt to add transitional elements while giving the rest of the kitchen a contemporary feel.

What Makes a Kitchen Transitional?

There are several kitchen design elements that will typically comprise a transitional kitchen design. Some of the most popular elements that make a kitchen transitional are:

  • Clean lines in countertops, cabinets, and crown molding
  • Modern light fixtures as well as traditional pendants
  • Clean molding lines
  • Shaker cabinet doors or stained and painted finishes
  • Earth-tones mixed with whites along with a blend of natural and man-made materials
  • Neutral and natural colors

Transitional kitchens fuse traditional and contemporary styles. A good design creates rhythm and flow with its surrounding.

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