A well-organized bathroom

Because bathroom space is often limited, there is a greater premium on organizational tools that make using the bath easier and more enjoyable.

Bathroom Designs for Efficiency

Because often bathroom space is smaller, there is a greater premium on organizational tools that make using the bath easier and more enjoyable.

In master and secondary baths and even powder rooms, the vanity or sink often do the heavy lifting for storage, and thanks to recent innovations, storage options have increased significantly.

Bathroom Design for Storage

When storage space is at a premium, vanities with open shelves create storage space for towels and baskets around drains, traps and other plumbing components. Open shelving is an extremely attractive option that can provide a visual focal point.

Shelves and roll out drawers maximize the space under and around plumbing in vanities with doors. Roll out drawers can hold baskets or be equipped with dividers for cosmetics, curling irons, hair dryers, etc. Many vanity manufacturers offer drawers and shelves with notches in them that help to minimize loss of storage space. In some bathroom designs the vanity also can be wired for electricity or used as a cell phone or tablet charging station.

When it comes to vanity drawers, keep in mind that the depth impacts storage. Shallow drawers help to work around the sink’s plumbing and can be used to store makeup, shaving tools, tweezers, brushes, etc. While shallow drawers may be great for storing small things, they don’t offer the functionality needed for storing larger items. One possible solution is to specify a double drawer to double the depth. The exterior is fitted with two pulls to provide a consistency of look but there is only one drawer.

Toe kicks can make space along the floor functional for storing less commonly used items such as back up rolls of toilet tissue. Tip out drawers can be used where the top of the cabinetry meets the countertop. They are created for storing tooth brushes, tooth paste, dental floss and other small items.

Outfitting drawers and storage space with adjustable compartments, reconfigurable bins, vertical dividers, tool slots and trays provide endless opportunities to get the look and functionality that keep your bath looking fresh and functional.

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